About me

My name is Kara Moody, and I’m a happy Moody.

I’ve always been happy and sometimes moody. I officially became Moody after marrying my husband, John Moody, who is usually happy. Together we make two happy Moodys.

I am a young wife, amateur chef, retired cheerleader, adventurous traveler, 2008 Prius driver, and all-around life lover.

I was born and mostly raised in a suburb outside of NYC, and spent 6 of those years in Hong Kong, Singapore, and England. I attended college in North Carolina, where I met my best friends and the love of my life. A post-grad job opportunity took me to Atlanta, where I met more amazing people and realized I wanted to work in sales for a living.

One wedding and a two-month-honeymoon later, I am now based in Miami, where my husband attends PA school.

With my husband in school and no friends around, what’s a girl to do? Start a blog, of course!

About the blog

This labor of love is where I chronicle recipes and travels, along with the nuts and bolts that life brings.

I am not a chef, travel expert or professional writer, but I enjoy doing all three.

Please click around and stay for a while. Come back and visit. I’m happy you’re here and I hope this blog makes you smile.



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