Moving to Miami

What happens when you take a northern city girl, a southern mountain guy, and move them to Miami?

Culture shock, frustration, excitement, and confusion (amongst other things.)

We’ve learned to adapt.

When a 2016 Tesla cuts you off on the highway going 25+ over the speed limit? “Sorry!”

When the guy at Publix rings you up and speaks Spanish? “Uhh.. gracias!”

When you head to the beach for a relaxing afternoon and strangers pull up directly next to you and blast Russian techno? You can ask, but they won’t move or turn it down.

There’s a culture of HURRY UP/YOU’RE AN IDIOT/I’M BETTER THAN YOU/WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME that gets overwhelming.

We have learned are learning to laugh at these moments.

Plus, an hour laying by the pool or beach usually does the trick. Just avoid the Russian techno.


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