Welcome to my fourth blog

I’ve already had three blogs.

In the summer of 2010, I created a blog to write about my experience interning at J-14 Magazine. A year later, I chronicled my six month study abroad trip. This summer, I revisited the blogisphere when I took a six week roadtrip across the country.

My goal with those three blogs was to share details of my unique experiences with family and friends. Those three blogs all had deadlines.

This particular blog doesn’t.

…So why am I blogging again?

I am blogging because I have free time and few Florida friends. I like to write, I like to cook, I like to adventure and I like to share what I write, cook, and adventure. I also want to learn more about SEO, photography, driving website traffic, and other blog-related topics.

If you think this is silly, then you can go. Please. Thank you. Sorry.

(What have I done?!)


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